Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pyramid Hefeweizen

I have discovered something many of you may have already known. Hefeweizen in a bottle, not nearly as good as Hefeweizen from a tap. I threw down a ten spot at the D'Backs game last night and for my trouble received a bitter, almost nasty beer. I drank it and it still did the trick, but it failed in the taste test department. Oh well.

My girlfriend who is quite the photographer brought her camera along and took some quality shots. Once she gets around to uploading them, they will be here for your viewing pleasure. I asked you yesterday if you could think of a way to not really work yet still get paid. Well I believe I have come up with an answer. Operation: Sugar Mama. Date a girl with a talent and bright future, hop on the train before she opens her own studio and live the dream.

In other news.... did anyone catch that story about the guy who decapitated the teenager on a bus in Canada? Sick. Sick. And sick. Twisted like the sisters. And as a society we are not gonna take it anymore.

Thats it for now. Don't forget about the Olymics this weekend. I'm sure you will all be glued to your TV sets watching weightlifting or badminton or..... really? The Trampoline? Man, I could have so been an Olympian.

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