Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Olympics

Did you know that the Chinese have a bunch of six year old girls on their gymnastics team? Seriously, who do they think they are fooling? Their ages have been "verified" and they are sixteen. Uh-huh and China is a communist country. Wait. Oh yeah, that's right.

How much of a bad ass is Michael Phelps? Talk about dominating. We have had the privilege of seeing Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and now this guy. Not to mention dude is shredded like a pile of paid bills. I have never seen anyone as ripped as Phelps. In fact, isnt he starring in a blockbuster movie?

OK, time for a little Olympic word association....

The vault = easy
China = cheaters
Swimming = world records (Seriously, is it just me or is every race a new record?)
Basketball = wife beater (Sorry Jason Kidd, couldn't resist)
Romania = end of a dynasty
Michael Phelps = hulk
Jennie Finch = hottie

That's it for me...

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