Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why not 2 gold medals?

Nastia Liukin was absolutely robbed by the judges of a gold medal on the uneven bars. Anyone know why they call them uneven? Insert punch line here....

Maybe it has to do with how unfair or uneven (pun intended) the judges scoring system is. Liukin tied with a Chinese gymnast (12 year old) and the final scoring came down to a tie breaker. In the tie breaking system, the highest and lowest scores are thrown out. Once this occured, the two gymnasts were still tied.

This is the part where it just seemed like the judges (none of whom have ever won a medal at the olympics) started making up rules. The result - well you already know it, was Liukin lost by a tenth of a point. Nevermind the fact that her routine was better than the cheater... err I mean Chinese gymnast.


Anonymous said...

This is good. Your sense of humor is not what Dr.'s would call subtle. This is your first entry that does not try to act like it is. Do it again, I dare you.

Amy said...

I don't think her routine was better that others. I think she is very graceful but I am not convinced she should have won the gold. On the other hand, the tie breaker was BS.