Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Phoenix Cooks

Finally over! I can now relax and get back to business. I just got a massage today and released all that stress and tension from my neck and shoulders. You know the feeling.

The event went well... scored some free Hoegaarden (that's beer for those of you who did not know) and Stella Artois. Money. Took the Hoegaarden back to my condo where I was holding a Fantasy Football Draft party. My first pick? The man, the myth, the legend... Tom Brady. I would have paid an extra dollar if Giselle came with him. No such luck.

Finally got some of the pictures back from the photo shoot I mentioned earlier, some are good, some not so good. It's funny, the ones where I told the photographer (Amy) what to take - those suck! Then the ones where I just let her do her thing, well those are good. Strange how that works....

So I am getting back to writing, blogging and working on the website. More info to come.

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Anonymous said...

Post the F'ing photos!