Sunday, September 14, 2008


I woke up this morning and something strange happened. Amy was still sleeping and would continue sleeping for the next 3 hours (nothing new there). I went to Starbucks and read the newspaper (normal weekend routine). I checked my fantasy sports teams (a daily occurrence). And then I started reading Men's Health. There was an article about Gerrard Butler - the star of the bad ass movie 300 - in which he discusses quitting his job as a lawyer and deciding to become an actor. He had no acting experience, but that is what he wanted to do... so he did it.

It has motivated me to truly go after my dreams. In my case it is writing. Maybe for you it is photography, starting your own business or traveling. The point is - no matter what your dreams are, no matter what your passion is, you will not be truly happy until you work on achieving them. I have been discouraged and struggling lately with creativity - not anymore.

I know what I have to do. Go after my dreams. There are no excuses, there is only effort. So go get 'em and enjoy this day.


Amy said...

Go get 'em baby!

Anonymous said...

Reread this post. This post should not be followed by almost 10 days of no posting. Shit man. Shit!

Anonymous said...

Funny. haha