Wednesday, October 22, 2008


No I am not talking about the fat kid in school who make noises when he breathes. Im referring to the band. Who by the way put on a kick ass show at the AZ State Fair last Saturday night. They are very funny and sound great live, too. I give it my highest recommendation which is: What else do you have to do?

I must say that was the best part of the day/night. Earlier in the day, I lost my parents dog, Luigi. He is an Italian Greyhound, about 10 lbs and maybe a foot and a half tall. You can imagine it was difficult to find him. It took about two hours. Not my idea of a good time.

Between that and my girlfriend's car getting towed (lots and lots of walking), I got my cardio in for the week. Note to self: car getting towed not good. Avoid when possible.

It was not her fault. The fair/Phoenix PD put up some temporary no parking signs which we missed as they were hidden and tiny. Just to bring this blog full circle, you best believe I was "weezing" during my eight plus miles of walking.

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